Hannah and Joshua's Rescue Story.

Children are at the core of everything that we do at Kids Club Kampala and we believe that every child should have a safe and happy home. Our Ewafe project provides children who have been abandoned with a safe place to live, the aim of this project is to reunite abandoned children with their families. We have discovered that many children had nowhere to go, had become abandoned or had run away from abusive situations. Finding children in these situations can be heart breaking but it’s the success stories that keep us going, knowing that these children are now in safe and loving homes because of our Ewafe Project. In this blog we will highlight the stories of Joshua and Hannah from Kampala.



Hannah’s* Story

Hannah* was 8 when we first met her. She was undernourished and wearing ripped clothes that were 3 sizes too big. We discovered that Hannah had been living completely alone for a month in a Kampala slum and that she was not enrolled in school. Her mother had abandoned her in a small shack and never come back, perhaps due to poverty and desperation. Many organisations would place Hannah immediately into an orphanage and that would be the end of it. A long future of insitutionalised care, no family connections and an adult life as a care leaver without support in this big scary world. Kids Club Kampala’s social workers searched for her family members and found her aunty living in a nearby suburb of the city. Social workers worked together with Hannah’s aunty to determine the best plan for Hannah. She is now happily living with her aunty whilst Kids Club Kampala supports her to attend a local primary school and continues to monitor her wellbeing within this new family. Children like Hannah should not grow up in orphanages. All children deserve to live in a loving family.


Joshua’s* Story

Joshua* was nine years old and had been sleeping on the streets of Kampala in the rain for two nights before the police found him. They referred him to Kids Club Kampala’s Ewafe project. He had travelled with his aunt to Kampala from a distant island on Lake Victoria and had managed to get separated from her in the busyness of the city. He had been lost for days and had no way to get back home. Joshua* shared his story with KCK’s social workers over a period of three weeks whilst he was being taken care of at the Ewafe home. During this time he received hot meals, new clothes, a comfy bed, counselling and support. He told staff that if they travelled to the shores of lake Victoria, the boatmen would know the way to his home. A team of social workers travelled with Joshua to the lake and sure enough the boatmen took them across to the island where his family lived. After a long journey they finally arrived and found Joshua’s home where his family were delighted to see him. They had assumed that he was lost forever and that they might never see their son again. His father thought he may be dead. Joshua may have ended up growing up in an orphanage forever without the help of the Ewafe project whilst his family would have lost a son.


Why is the Ewafe Project Important?

We believe that all children are precious and should be loved and protected, we want to help as many children as possible especially those who have been abandoned or abducted to find a safe place to call home. We love to see children being reunited with their families and our aim is to reunite and support as many abandoned children as possible. However, this is not always an easy process as finding out where relatives are living is not always straightforward, and transport to search for families can be very costly. Despite this we believe that every child should grow up in a safe and loving home and we continue to work towards this aim for every child.

If you would like to help us to reunite more children with their families, please donate to support our Ewafe project. With your support we hope that we can share more success stories in the years to come.