Faith, Hope and Love

Faith, Hope and Love.......And the greatest of these is Love. 

This blog post is written by Corrie, Kids Club Kampala UK Director

So I have been thinking about our slogan here at Kids Club Kampala, ‘Hope and Love for vulnerable children.’ I can’t remember how this catchphrase was created in the first place, but I think that might be because it didn’t require any discussion. Usually when deciding upon something that will effect the organisation a lengthly discussion over Skype is necessary until Sam, Olivia and I decide upon the best course of action, but this slogan was originally created within minutes. This is because we knew what the purpose of KCK was from the very beginning, bringing hope and love to children in Uganda. Hope and Love are integral to what we do here at KCK and why we do it, but there is another factor that makes things happen and that is Faith. So I want to explore these main ingredients Faith, Hope and Love. 

Kids Club Kampala has evolved out of myself, Sam and Olivia jumping into the unknown and just saying lets go for this! It’s not something we knew how to do immediately and we definitely still have more to learn. But when I look back over the years I can see that here at KCK we could not function without 3 things, Faith, Hope and Love. Now Love is the most important of these things. Love is why we want Uganda to be transformed, we want children to be loved, have futures and enjoy life. Love is our motivation for all. Love is why Olivia works tirelessly in London trying to find more support for KCK everyday, why Sam spends his days in the slums listening to peoples needs and trying to come up with solutions, not refusing anyone compassion and support and why I know that Kids Club Kampala will always be a practical way that I can live a life of Love. But these things cannot be accomplished without Faith. Faith is the ingredient that is necessary to make things happen. Without faith Sam couldn’t say, yes we can fix that problem somehow, we can start a new project here, we can rescue another child from abandonment. Faith allows us to continue even when we are stretched to our economic capacity, because Faith is an assurance of what we cannot see, a hope in what has not yet been accomplished, a knowledge that God will provide and belief that we can keep going. Now finally Hope! Hope is why we do it all, a hope that peoples lives will ultimately be transformed, that little hearts will be happy and live life to the full, that communities will cease to struggle each day for their daily meals and a hope that things are actually getting better on this earth and not worse!  

So there you have it; if we had no Faith we couldn’t continue and nothing would happen, if we had no Hope for the future then what would be the point of all of this and if we had no Love then what would motivate us and why would KCK exist at all. Faith, Hope and Love!

Corrie Fraser for Kids Club Kampala.