Ewafe Home For Abandoned Children Opens its Doors!

Thanks to the generous donations and fundraising of so many of our supporters we have now been able to open our Ewafe home for abandoned children. The first children moved in on Sunday 7th December! Now that the home is ready to welcome children the next stage for the project is to hold meetings with the city council, the police child protection services and other NGOs in Kampala. We hope to offer a service in Kampala that provides an emergency bed for a child along with a care package when a child becomes abandoned or finds themselves with nowhere to go. Then begins the process of reintegration which will involve tracing families and relatives and/or searching for suitable foster or adoptive parents for children.

All of this work will require ongoing funding and we pray that we can secure sustainable funding for this project. We want to ensure that children have a safe place to go in Kampala if they become abandoned.

In addition to the ongoing running costs of the home and reintegration project we hope to continue to improve the quality of the home itself. We hope to instal plumbing in the house, construct a security fence around the perimeter and eventually build another structure to house the kitchen and dining room along with further bedrooms.

If you are interested in supporting this project further or holding a fundraiser please do get in touch, additionally please contact us if you would like to receive a copy of the full report about the achievements of the Ewafe project so far. Thank you.