Day of the African Child 2015!

The 16th of June every year marks the Day of the African Child. This day celebrates the African Child and highlights the fact that many children growing up on the continent still do not have their basic rights observed. Kids Club Kampala has been working in some of the poorest communities in Uganda for over 8 years. The right to play, the right to an education and the right to have a home are just some of the basic child rights that Kids Club Kampala aims to uphold. Our weekly Kids Clubs were set up in 17 different communities to provide a safe and encouraging space for children to play and have fun away from the dangers of slum life. We believe that all children should have the chance to have a childhood and learn through play. Our Encouraging Education project and School Sponsorship programme upholds the right to education for hundreds of children in the slum and gives them the chance to have a bright future. The right to have a home is a basic human right and an extremely important one for a child. Sadly many children are abandoned or orphaned in Kampala’s slums and we aim to provide a home for these children through the Ewafe project. Ewafe means ‘Where we belong’ in Luganda, the local language spoken in Kampala. Our Ewafe project provides an emergency home for children when they become abandoned. Long term, however the project aims to find foster families, adoptive homes or reintegrate children with extended family. We believe that every child deserves a loving home and family. That is why this year on the Day of the African Child we would like to highlight the need for foster and adoptive families within Africa and Uganda in particular. Are you an African parent with more love to give? Why not consider giving a child the chance to have a loving home and secure place from which to grow and learn about this world? The future of the African Child and indeed the future of Africa itself will be impacted by how we look after and uphold their rights today. The next generation of teachers, lawyers, doctors, politicians and business people in Africa are these children lets uphold their right to have a home and shape the future of this continent. If you are interested in donating to the Ewafe project or would like more information about supporting abandoned children in Kampala please contact us.

Every child deserves a place to call home and a loving family to care for them. Please remember the children who do not have this right on this year's Day of the African Child.