Creating Sustainable Change

We have been supporting children and communities for many years now, coming alongside them and helping them to bring themselves out of poverty. But the truth is, people’s issues are always more complex than it first seems and the communities we work in have little or no alternative support from any other agency.

We have become a lifeline to over 700 children who receive a hot meal from our Feeding projects every day and the only safe community space for 4000 children who attend our Encouraging Education projects and Kids Clubs in an otherwise dangerous slum environment. We work with families who are at risk of becoming homeless or being separated from their children because of poverty to try to keep families together. We provide emergency care for children who have nowhere else to go whilst we search for their family members and endeavour for them to be reunited through our Ewafe Project. When children drop out of school because of a lack of school fees we step in and provide them with School Sponsorship to continue to study and we support those who could never have dreamed of every going to school. 

However, all of this means that we need your help to continue to offer support to those who need it most. Our funding often comes in sporadically or is ring-fenced for specific projects, but when a family or child comes to us to ask for support in an emergency we want to be able to help. Having regular donations from individuals from as little as £10 a month means that we can plan for the future and continue to run the projects that we believe are creating sustainable change. It also means that we can respond to crises in the communities and help to provide a safety net for people who have nothing else to rely on.

Could you donate monthly to Kids Club Kampala and join us in creating sustainable change for thousands? Please get in touch if you would like any more information. Thank you.