Christmas all year round!

In this blog Amanda Scoville, one of our KCK volunteers explains how some very generous gifts made their way all the way from the USA into the hands of our kids at Kids Club Kampala.

"So back in December for our Kids Club Christmas party some wonderful friends from back home in the USA with the help of an American Girl Scout troop sent us goodie bags and treats to give out to the children. Unfortunately, we didn’t realize what a pain it was going to be to work with the Ugandan Postal Service. Long story short, boxes didn’t show up in time for the Christmas Party and then didn’t even show up before I left to go home for Christmas. Anyway all 8 boxes eventually ended up in my possession thanks to all my mail room buddies.

The next few days were pretty hectic and my living room was taken over by candy and toys!

After all the goodies were sorted it was time to stuff the bags!

It took 2 full days and a lot of work but I managed to stuff 500+ bags! The next part made it all worth it because it was time to deliver!!

Our first stop was the Kivulu Classroom (One of Kids Clubs Education Centers) There were about 40 children present and their bags consisted of leftover school supplies from our school supply fundraiser last fall!

Some of the students even showed off their reading skills!


The kids at Kivulu are always so sweet and calm… I don’t think any of us were prepared for what was to happen next at good ole Katanga. These kids went NUTS! so much that we had to leave the classroom because we were getting stampeded! But then I always have to think of course they are going to go crazy because it is a rare occasion they are given such a special treat! We had over 200 children show up for this giveaway!

I had time for one last delivery before I took off to Swaziland so we packed up and travelled to Namavundu, the site of our water well and many of our women’s Initiative programs. Here we ended up with 170+ children!

All in all this has been a very rewarding and humbling experience and proved to be worth the wait and hassle that preceded it.  These kids have touched my heart and soul and I love them all with every ounce. Thank you to everyone who has been making a difference in these children’s lives even without ever meeting them, it means more than you could ever imagine."