Changing the World through Music and Dance

A couple of weeks ago our blog post talked about how sport can change the world - ‘It is the hope, the ambitious and most importantly the community spirit it fosters which is so very powerful.’ Since that blog post, we have seen numerous examples of sport changing lives, and making huge difference’s to children’s lives through our KCK projects in Uganda.

One of the communities that Kids Club Kampala works in is Mutundwe slum in Kampala. This is a tough area to grow up in, with sadly not many opportunities, but we are working here to support, empower and encourage the children in this community. The teenage boys in this community in particular love hip hop, breakdancing, beatboxing and all things urban. These boys have grown up attending Kids Club activities and come along every week to our Music and Dance project to practise, train and show off their skills!

Our Music and Dance projects give children a safe and positive space to be; children build their confidence and self-esteem as they are encouraged in their talents and coached by volunteers who believe in them. Children develop new skills and improve their social and behavioural skills through learning teamwork and discipline. These activities give children something fun to do and provide them with a positive focus to their day, alongside providing a safe place where they can go, adult supervision and child protection for children growing up in Kampala’s slums.

We love to encourage children in their skills and to provide them with opportunities to showcase their talents. This is why when we heard about the Art in Me festival taking place in Kampala a couple of weeks ago, we encouraged the Kids Club Kampala ‘Fantastic Four’ dance group from Mutundwe centre to take part! And amazingly, they won the ‘Best Dance Crew’ award at the event!

In fact they were so popular, that they were invited to perform at Kampala’s National Theatre the next week!

And next month they will be performing as the headline act at the National Theatre!

If you would like to support our Music and Dance projects, please click here. And if you would like to book Kids Club Kampala's 'Fantastic Four' to come and perform at an event you are having, please get in touch.