Being Community Led and Community Driven!

Many People ask us here at KCK about how we grew from an organisation that ran kids clubs for vulnerable children in the slums to supporting so many varied community projects. Currently we have projects that Support Basic Needs, provide Education and School Sponsorship, run Football leagues and Music and Dance projects, Support Vulnerable Girls, run Women's Initiatives and Community Development Projects and Support Abandoned Children. These projects did not begin overnight they have evolved gradually over the past 5 years. From the outset, KCK has been very concerned with being community led and community driven. For us this means empowering the people of the communities we work in. We are blessed to have so many Ugandan volunteers from within the communities we work in who are resourceful, determined and dedicated. We are also proud of the incredible women who make up our women's initiatives. It is these people who are truly responsible for the growth and success of this organisation. They have come to KCK with their thoughts, ideas and hopes and we have simply come alongside them to empower them to do what they had already in their hearts to do.

Here at KCK we are firm believers in the potential that lies in each individual. We encourage children to aspire after their dreams for a brighter future and to get a good education. We also want to encourage their communities, their parents, their older brothers and sisters to dream big for their lives. Let's face it no matter where you live in the world you cannot accomplish your dreams alone, along the way you rely on others to help you, encourage you and cheer you on. That is what we love doing at KCK. We have met so many incredible people who live in the communities we work in, people with ambition, intelligence and above all great ideas to lift themselves out of poverty and provide an income for their families. So this is how KCK has developed from an organisation that supports kids clubs in urban slum areas to an NGO that supports a variety of community led projects which aim to lift these communities out of poverty through empowering individuals to follow their dreams.

Once we empower and support communities living in poverty we give them the space to think and dream big!