Back to School - for some

Children in Uganda have been busy going back to school this week and we are very proud to say that thanks to our School Sponsorship programme, 81 children who would otherwise have no opportunity to go to school are among them!  However, for many children in Uganda, school is still out of reach. There are so many children who never have the chance to go to school at all. And sadly there are many more children who have completed or nearly completed primary school but have dropped out of education before they can continue to secondary school. This is often due to the family’s financial situation, not being able to afford to take primary school leaving exams, or the child’s parents deciding they would be better off earning a living rather than studying.

Having a primary education is good but unfortunately it won’t get you that far. Children missing out on secondary level education means that the future generations will suffer and miss out on a potentially skilled workforce. In the communities we work in, we hear too often that young people with ambition for future careers have to give up on their dreams simply because they cannot afford secondary school. On top of this, many children report feeling embarrassed or ashamed when their friends carry on with their education but they are forced to stay at home.

One of our teens being sponsored through secondary school explains the stress and worry that she went through whilst struggling to find enough money to continue her education: "Before Kids Club Kampala sponsored me I spent two terms without going to school because I had no school fees. But when I was taken up by KCK I went back to school and I have never been sent home for not having school fees. My life has changed now and I concentrate on my books knowing that I will not be sent home from school."

We want every child and young person to have hope for a bright future. We don’t want to see bright young people stopped in their tracks and told that their education has come to an end. Could you help? Could you sponsor a teenager through secondary school for £35 per month? If you are interested in sponsoring a teen to go to school, please get in touch and help us and give a young person a chance to accomplish things they never thought they could.