An Inspired Generation

What an incredible night for British athletics last night. 3 gold medals in the space of about 10 minutes, I was screaming and crying at the TV at the same time, what a night! London 2012's aim for this Olympics is to 'inspire a generation', and with a total of 14 Gold medals so far, they certainly are doing just that. I have been inspired to take up more sport more often and watching Team GB's fantastic achievements yesterday inspired me to write this blog post this morning.

Inspiring a generation is such a powerful thing, and something that we at Kids Club Kampala are so passionate about. A couple of weeks ago we had the opportunity to attend Imagine Scotland. Hundreds of young people came together for a week to worship God, pray together and hang out and inspire each other. Kids Club Kampala had a stall selling crafts and we were amazed with how many young people were interested in what we are doing and how much money we raised. But even more exciting than that was how many young people were inspired to do something themselves.

One evening Corrie was interviewed on the main stage, about her testimony, her life and about Kids Club Kampala. She spoke so well and it is such a powerful story about how God used two inexperienced 19 year old girls to start his ministry; showing that regardless of your age, sex, background, talents or anything God still can and wants to use you.

Afterwards it what just overwhelming the amount of young people who came up to our stall, inspired and excited to do something positive, to serve others and to serve God. It is so exciting to see young people coming together to use their talents and gifts and to want to do something positive. We had such an amazing week at Imagine, I was just overwhelmed by the love and generosity of so many people. Watching the Olympics last night gave me goosebumps and it was the same feeling I got watching young people worship together and pray for each other at Imagine. Inspire a Generation. Yes please.