After School Coaching Sessions

Education is a basic human right and we believe that all children deserve the chance to learn and realise their potential, and to have a bright future. At Kids Club Kampala, we are passionate about supporting children's education.

Along side our children’s activities , we run after school coaching sessions, helping children with their homework, and working with the children who don’t attend school to help them to catch up so that they will not fall too far behind.

We also help to support the children’s education by providing them with exercise books, pens and pencils which they would not be able to participate fully in school without, and we help to support the most neediest children who cannot afford to go to school by finding Child Sponsors for them.

These after school coaching sessions not only help children with their education and give them vital life skills, but they also provide the children with a safe place to go to after school. Living in the slums can be dangerous, and these after school coaching sessions provide the children with a safe environment and sense of community, where they can keep out of trouble, out of danger and build up a trusting relationship with each other and our KCK teachers and volunteers.

In the future, we would love to be able to feed all of the children  every day when they come to the after school coaching sessions.

These after school coaching sessions costs £300 a month to run. If you are interested in supporting this, or any other of our projects then please visit .

And if you would like to come out to Uganda, meet the children and help them with their homework and other lessons after school, then we would love to hear from you! Please email for more information.