Abandoned Children: A real life story

This blog post is written by Juliet, a KCK volunteer at Katanga centre.

"Kids Club Kampala offers evening classes of educational coaching to our children in the slums especially at Katanga Centre!

It was a Wednesday evening when two children came along to KCK Katanga office where we usually have the evening classes from; they faced me as I was roll calling the register. They called me teacher, and said “even us we want to join your classes”. As a teacher I asked them different questions in order to know more about them. While asking them many questions, they explained to me “for us we don’t have a mummy daddy! We were left alone one day in the small house and the landlord is now chasing us away as we can’t pay to stay there, yet we don’t eat food. Sometimes there is a lady (a neighbor) who gives us food but sometimes we sleep hungry.”

As a teacher I went with them after the classes to confirm whether what they had explained to me was true or not, and to see where they were living for myself. I called on the lady (their neighbor) who used to provide them with food to ask her more about this situation. The lady explained to me that their father had brought them in January to Katanga slum from Kanungu district (deep South West Uganda) and left them here since disappearing a few days ago. The following day was KCK Saturday programme children’s activities so I explained the issue to the KCK director (Samuel Wambayo) because he had come to supervise Katanga Centre KCK activities.

He then informed me of the legal procedures for us to help these kids, this includes reporting their situation to the relevant authorities and getting back up letters to try and trace the father who had abandoned his children. Before going to the police I first reported to the L.C1 chairperson (Local Counsellor for Katanga slum) who accompanied me to Kimwanyi police station. I met a police lady who deals with family issues, and she gave me a letter to take to the division and from there I was given another letter which recommended Kids Club Kampala to take care of the children as the police continue to carry out investigations concerning these two children.

One of the children is 9 years old and he is called Junior. His sister is 12 years old and called Sarah. Junior and Sarah are now officially in the custody of Kids Club Kampala, and I myself have volunteered to take care of them for now.

The organization is trying to support my family to care for them together through providing the children foods and other basic necessities."

Narrated by Juliet, Kids Club Kampala Katanga Centre volunteer.

Sadly the problem of abandoned children is coming far too common, and we believe that this needs to stop. We need your help in this! 

The Ewafe Project has been entered in to a Global Giving initiative, the Gateway Challenge.

If we reach the target of raising £2000 by the end of June, Global Giving International will support us with fundraising for Kids Club Kampala for a whole year. It would also help us raise a much need financial base to kick-start this new project.

Even a small amount goes a long way. Please donate and help to spread the word to stop child abandonment happening in Uganda: