Abandoned and forced into child labour but now she’s home!

Our Ewafe project provides children who have been abandoned with a safe place to live, but the long term aim of this project is to reunite abandoned children with families. Our social workers have been working hard to find out the stories of the many children on the Ewafe project and to trace their relatives. We love seeing children going back to loving families and last week we had another success story that we wanted to share with you all.

Amy’s* parents separated in 2013, and after that life became very hard. Her mum couldn’t afford for her to go to school so sent her to Kampala to work as a maid. Sadly, the family she was working for abandoned her and she ended up living in one of Kampala’s biggest slums on her own as a vulnerable teenage girl. Speaking of this time, Amy said “life wasn’t easy before. Getting food and sleeping was hard. I was missing my family.”

Amy came along to one of our Kids Clubs in the slum she was living in and told our volunteers her story. We were able to find her a sponsor and she began going to school. During the school holidays, she lived with one of our KCK volunteers, and when our Ewafe project home opened in 2014, she was one of the first children to move into the home.

Whilst Amy was living at the Ewafe project home and going to school, our social workers were working hard to trace her family and make contact with her mother. This wasn’t easy as her family lived in a remote village which was difficult to get to using public transport, but luckily we managed to trace her mother and last week Amy was reunited with her family!

Amy with her mother and our Ewafe social worker Beatrice

Amy with her mother and our Ewafe social worker Beatrice

Amy was thrilled to be reunited with her mother, grandfather, sister and three brothers. She says “I am glad that I am back with my family and I am also glad for the help of KCK, because I know I can still continue with my education”. Today, the family have food and Amy will continue to go to school. We will continue to support Amy and her family with basic needs, food support and school fees. Amy now knows that she has a bright future ahead of her, and she says “I want to be a nurse after school.”

We love to see children like Amy going back home to loving families and our aim is to successfully trace, reunite, resettle and support more abandoned children and their families over the coming year. However, this is not an easy process as finding out where relatives are living is not always straightforward, and transport to search for families can be very costly. Please donate to support our Ewafe project reintegration programme, to help more children like Amy to be reunited with their families.

*Name has been changed to protect Amy’s privacy