A Family For Christmas!

Our Ewafe project provides children who have been abandoned with a safe place to live, but the long term aim of this project is to reunite abandoned children with families.

Imagine spending Christmas without your family. Imagine losing contact with your family and not knowing where they are, whether they miss you, do they love you or wonder where you are? This is reality for many children and young people in Uganda and we want to change that.


We believe that every child’s story should be listened to and investigated. Once a child is rescued many institutions make no effort to search for answers to a child’s story and aim to keep these children in long term institutionalised care. We believe that this is wrong and we know that long term institutionalisation can have detrimental effects on a child’s development and well-being. Children need to live in families and should not be separated from them unnecessarily when it is possible for them to go home and for the whole family to be supported as a unit.

This year our Ewafe project has so far reintegrated 16 children back with their families. This means that families that were once separated due to poverty and desperation are now reunited and supported towards a bright future. Our social workers work tirelessly to try to search for and find families for children and this year, just in time for Christmas 7 children will be going home to families for good. These children will be receiving their best Christmas present ever, their own family back together again.

ewafe new 1.PNG
ewafe new 4.PNG

We love to see children leaving our emergency care home and going back to loving families. Family care is the best possible environment for a child and it’s so important that children of all ages have a loving family to rely on.