A Coffee A Day....adds up!

This blogpost is written by one of KCK's trustees, Laura Ferguson  "I love good coffee. I drink far too much and actually I’ve realised lately that it really does make or break my morning! Apparently the average Brit spends roughly £3 every day on coffee alone.

A few weeks ago I took full advantage of this and decided to host a fundraising acoustic night at a local Costa Coffee in Edinburgh. The relaxed atmosphere of a local coffee house meant that people of all ages were able to come along from aged 7- 70. It was a great opportunity not only to drink good coffee but to catch up with friends and listen to some quality live music. Costa Coffee were more than accommodating and even gave the venue for free!

One particular challenge we find at Kids Club Kampala, is having consistent regular funding to support the wonderful ongoing projects run at each of our centres. To enable to projects to continue to run, we really need regular funds that we can count on   so that we can plan ahead and have the maximum impact for each of our projects.

So here is the challenge I set at the acoustic night...I don’t know about you but I never have any money, yet I can always find money to spend on coffee! I wonder if you could calculate how much you spend on coffee, or tea each day? And I wonder if you could commit to drinking just one or two less coffees a week and instead donate the money to supporting the basic needs of children and families in Kampala’s slums. Maybe you don’t drink coffee or tea, perhaps it’s fizzy drinks or pastries!

Whatever it is why not ditch just one each week. You could even set up standing order so that you don’t forget! We may not notice having one less coffee each week, but having seen Kampala’s slums with my own eyes I can be sure that the people there would.

Perhaps you could even have a go at setting up your own fundraiser event. You could tailor it to suit whatever your interests and hobbies are. Music is my thing, but for some people it’s sport or movies. Whatever your hobbies are, you could use them to have fun as well as help bring about more sustainable and hope filled communities around Kampala."

Please contact us if you would like to take up Laura's challenge and skip a coffee a week. If you would like to set up your own fundraising event we have lots of hints and tips in our fundraising packs to help you get started.