1000 Teens in One Place!

On Friday 15th January we held our second annual Kids Club Kampala Teens Conference in Kampala. This year we invited 1000 teens to gather together for a day of learning, advice and fun. With special guest speakers and teenagers from all of our 17 Kids Club Kampala centres the day was a huge success. Seminars included Prayer and Faith; Character and Integrity, Sex and Relationships; Careers and Business and Entrepreneurship. The event also included dance performances from teens, question and answer sessions and a hot meal for everyone who attended. Every teen also received a gift pack of essential items and a T-shirt commemorating the event.

Reports from the teenagers themselves suggest that this year’s conference was bigger and better than ever. One question asked by a teen during the Q & A session was ‘Can we have a teens conference every month?’ We are so glad that all the teenagers had a great and meaningful conference which was a time just for them to have fun, spend time together, ask difficult questions, talk about their situations and learn about different issues affecting them.

Many of these teenagers have to live with extremely difficult circumstances. Some are leading child-headed families, others have lost family members to sickness and poverty. Many teens have not been able to finish their education due to lack of school fees and have little prospects of employment, making them vulnerable to getting involved in crime, violence and substance misuse. We want to provide hope for these teenagers for their futures. Often they can become overwhelmed by the lack of opportunities available and the suffering they see around them. Alongside sponsoring many teens to go to school to finish their education, providing vocational training as part of our slum carpentry project and providing counselling and guidance, we love to host this yearly event to allow all teenagers at our centres to feel loved and valued. We are so pleased to share that this year was our most successful teens conference yet and 1000 teenagers had a great time and felt very loved and supported through it.

If you would like to support our Teen’s Project or if you think you could Sponsor a Teen please contact us, we would love to hear from you.