New Horizons for Carpentry Graduates!

We recently caught up with three of our most recent Carpentry Project graduates to find out how the course has impacted their lives.The Kids Club Kampala Carpentry project began in 2015 in Katanga slum. Since then the course has trained two intakes of students and a third cohort are currently in training. The students are taught every day for the year long programme by a skilled carpenter.

Day of the Girl Child 2017!

I have been working in Uganda for 10 years supporting children and families living in extreme poverty. Each time I think of the abuse, pain and suffering that the people there go though it breaks my heart. Life is so difficult for everyone but when I think of the young girls in particular it really cuts me to the core. The obstacles that girls have to overcome in their young lives simply for their characters and their life dreams to remain intact are overwhelming. It is with this in mind that I write today's blog.

Letters from Kampala

Recently, I’ve been reading some of the lovely letters written by the children in Uganda, talking about what their life is like and how Kids Club Kampala impacts them. Some of the letters describe daily life and some of the things the children enjoy doing. However, they really begin to paint a descriptive picture of what life is really like for these children and how Kids Club Kampala really does bring hope and love to these vulnerable children…