Encouraging Education Project

School in Uganda is not free. It is extremely difficult for poor families in Uganda to afford the cost of sending their children to school and, as a result, many children miss out on a vital education. According to the UN, 3 out of every 4 children who enrol in primary school in Uganda will drop out, and only 3 out of every 5 of those who do finish primary school will make it to secondary school. Education is a basic human right and vital to breaking the cycle of poverty, but is out of reach for so many children.

Most out-of-school children are left unsupervised during the day whilst their parents attempt to make a living, and without a daily purpose or a safe space to go, these children become even more at risk. Many of the children that we work with have been neglected, forced into child labour or even prostitution. Through working in Uganda’s slums for over 10 years, we identified a significant number of children who were out of school, unsafe, undernourished and missing out on an education.

Our Encouraging Education Project allows children, who would otherwise have no access to education, to have the opportunity to learn through taking part in free education classes. The classes are taught by Ugandan teachers and run from Monday to Friday every week throughout the year. Lessons are designed to follow the Ugandan curriculum. However, an informal approach allows teachers to tailor learning to a child’s specific need. Every day, over 500 children attend these classes across 3 slum communities. There are roughly an equal number of girls and boys who attend. After lessons each child receives a hot, nutritious meal which helps to tackle malnutrition and contributes to an improvement in the children’s overall health and well-being. Children gain social skills and develop behaviour for learning through a programme that facilitates a positive classroom environment and provides children with clear routines and goals. This project also provides a safe place within the slums for children to go each day with a teacher who supervises them in a context that protects them from the significant dangers of slum life.

We believe that all children have the right to have a good education and that education is vital to breaking the cycle of poverty. This project is a lifeline to so many children from Kampala’s slums who would otherwise have no opportunity to have an education. This project is already having a huge impact and the long term aim is that these children will grow up with a solid, educational foundation that will enable them to gain employment in the future.

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The early years component of our Encouraging Education project supports 150 three-to-six year olds to access free education is currently funded by a Small Charities Challenge Fund (SCCF) grant from UK Aid, the UK government’s Department for International Development (DFID).

School Sponsorship

We also run a School Sponsorship programme, where the neediest children in the communities are identified and given access to formal education and the opportunity to go to school. Our School Sponsorship programme matches children with Child Sponsors who pay their school fees, enabling a child to receive a good education and enhance their opportunities for the future.

If you would like to help make a difference in the life of a child by giving them the gift of education, then we would love for you to become a Child Sponsor with us. 

There are currently over 160 children being sponsored to attend school through this life-changing project. Click here to find out more and become a Child Sponsor today.